Hair Coloring

Touch-Up – from $65
Color application on the outgrowth area of less than an inch. Anything more than one inch of outgrowth would be considered a virgin application.

Touch-Up with Shades EQ – from $85

Virgin Color – from $75
color to hair that has never had color before. color application is from root to ends.

Virgin Color with Shades EQ – from $95

Highlighting – from $95
Let our colorist work with you to suggest the best highlights for your hair. You can choose from small, face framing highlights or, chunky highlights that give you a trendy look!

Partial Highlighting – from $75

Glazing – from $20-$50

Balayage/Ombre Highlighting – from $115-$135
Get the  newest and latest trends of achieving believable, beautiful highlights that have a natural, soft, and rooted outgrowth.

Corrective Color – Price quoted on consultation
Our colorists are experts at fixing hair color gone wrong. We will work with you to get the color you want.